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the AI Guy

With only 3 cows to breed, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to keep a bull. So when they come into heat, there’s one guy we call: the AI guy!

AI is short for artificial insemination, of course! Using this method, we can choose what breed of bull will father the next calf. It is also easier on the cow than most bulls would be. The AI Guy wears long gloves and inserts a long tube into the cow.

It’s done right in the field and takes about 20 seconds, tops. All 3 of our cows have now been inseminated (unfortunately not on the same day so it was 3 separate trips for the AI Guy!) and we will know in about 21 days how successful he was. He’s pretty good at what he does so I think we won’t be seeing him for another year. Thanks AI Guy!

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  1. Being in the breeding business myself, I think this is fabulous and hysterical. With alpacas, all our breeding is “live” so we do not have an AI guy. No doubt one day in the future we will. I will have to post a link to this on my blog! Thanks!
    Alpaca Farmgirl

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