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Approaching Storm

Falling Snow

There is a storm coming. We are supposed to get 10″ and although the past few storms have not held up to their potential, this one looks like it might.

Turkeys in the snow

The turkeys don’t mind the snow too much.


GooseGoose don’t mind too much. They’ve come to the barn to take a bath in the warm water I put out.


Liddie is happy wherever there is hay.

Mattie, Mae, goats in background

Not much bothers Mattie and Mae either.


Or Toby.


But some goats, like Susan here, are delicate flowers who do not like to be out in the snow. Or rain. Or wind.


Annie stays inside too.


Apple doesn’t mind too much but I think that is because she is eating for two now. She is the only goat who is bred this year – at 8 years old, Annie is too old to be bred, Liddie can’t be bred anymore and Susan didn’t take. She’s due in February sometime and will soon be inside no matter what the weather is!

Stay tuned to see how this storm treats us!

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  1. Ewe Secret said

    Hope you’re hanging in there. What’s that about your environment “restarting” on you while you’re working on it? You didn’t slip and fall or anything, did you? Take care!

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