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Ode To a Tote

Most people probably have a tote or 2 that are used for storage. I know I do. I use them to store yarn, old sheets, Christmas decorations, rarely-used dishes etc. But the simple tote can be used for so many other things.


Here’s a picture from 2005 where I use totes as brooders for chicks. They are perfect for this use. They clean up easily and provide plenty of room for the birds. When brooding is done, all supplies can be packed up and stored in the tote.

Hay bale and tote

I have been feeding the goats with a round bale of hay. Unfortunately the tractor is at the other farm and we have no way of bringing the bale to the goats. So it sits in the front yard and I fork hay from it and bring it to the goats. Each tote can hold a square bale’s worth of hay.

Turkeys and hay

The turkeys are eager to help when I load up on hay.

Wood and tote

A tote also holds about a day’s worth of wood for the woodstove. When I finish feeding the goats, I use their tote to bring in some wood.

Wood and tote

I have also used the tote to make a luge from the woodpile to the basement door. Once full of wood, the tote easily slides down the hill.


One thing to watch out for, if you try this at home, is cold weather makes the plastic a little brittle. Be careful!

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  1. the wood tote luge is the best! If you have to slip and slide, it might as well work for ya.

  2. yep, i have had lots of plastic break this winter when it has been getting especially cold. The sheeps feed bowls in particular when they step on them and it is 0 degrees out are generally toast.

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