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On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog

Funny thing when you post stuff on the internet, you can survive under a thin cloak of anonymity. Craigs List is good at this. You can make a post and not include your e-mail, name or phone number, yet Craigs List provides a generic e-mail address for folks to contact you. I found a plow on Craigs List this way and replied. I’m interested! Can I come over? Turns out, I knew the seller.

Kathy, Gunny, Stetson and Dune

It was Kathy! A fellow goat farmer, although she has sold off most of her goats. She adopted Gunny, the Great Pyrenees who was with us briefly.


She adopted Gunny when I realized I couldn’t. And Gunny fit right in. She sends e-mails out monthly to let everyone know his (and the other dogs’) adventures.


She also has Stetson who is Hank’s nephew. Stetson’s dad is Rooster who was Hank’s brother. Sadly Rooster passed away late last year. Stetson is a lot like Hank and even has his voice. I watched all of them put some goats away and was very impressed.

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