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Minus and Plus

Life moves on at Rooster Hill even if this journal doesn’t keep up with it! Here are some recent additions – and subtractions – that have been keeping us busy.

Chickens leave the coop

Minus – 35 roosters, 4 tom turkeys and 1 duck. It is a lot quieter around here! The turkeys have all moved to other farms and are settling in with their new girlfriends. The roosters are sold. And the buyer wanted a drake too.

My biggest drake

Plus – 4 guinea hens. I don’t have their picture so here is my biggest Muscovy drake instead. Although I watched a pair of female guinea hens go for an incredible price at auction last month, I found this little flock locally for a very nice price. They used to live right next to a golf course, and the golfers complained about the noise! They do chatter quite a bit, but I enjoy it.

Bringing Bodacious to the trailer

Minus – We brought a steer to the butcher 2 weeks ago. He was a gentle giant who we raised as a bottle calf. He would follow Gary everywhere – until it came time to get him on the trailer. It took a lot of grain and convincing but we got him loaded.


Plus – 4 little pigs! They grow fast on the pasture! Pigs are always fun to have around, and provide a great solution for all of those small unsellable chicken eggs.


Minus – One dog. Hank and I had an argument on May 4. Hank won. Rather than put him down, Gary has moved him to the other farm and I do not see him. I’d like to keep it that way.


Plus – Many chicks. Although I have plenty of hens sitting on eggs (and some have already hatched) I bought even more at auction. First I bought 6 Old English bantam chicks, then traded 2 of them with my auction neighbor for 2 Sebright chicks. Then Gary left me alone while chickens were still being sold and I bought 15 more barred rocks and sex links. It’s a sickness, I know.

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  1. Is glad Hank has moved on and that you’re safe! I want a farm…

  2. You and I share the chick sickness. Good for Gary for allowing you some alone time. Haha! CUTE piggly wigglies, too!

  3. So glad you found a solution that works for both you and Hank.

    Your photos make me homesick for my childhood when my Aunt GInny used to cook bantam eggs for my breakfast and I fed the rejected lambs out of a Coke bottle with a rubber nipple on it.

    Good times!

  4. What a great shot of the pig babies!

  5. Yep – the pigs are great !

    I’ve had a few tiffs with our Pyke (He looks a lot like Hank !) but we’ve avoided the full-on confrontation. I’m glad Hank’s had a second chance, the really difficult ones sometimes come good and work well with someone who can take them on and win !

  6. Glad you found a solution to the Hank problem. Do you think you’ll still try to find him another home?

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