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The Great New York State Fair


We somehow missed the Fair last year and I was not going to allow that to happen again! I love the Fair! The day promised to be cool with the threat of rain. And it was.


We saw horses, lots of horses. Little ones like this “Milk Buds” foal ….

Biggest horse! (20 hands)

Huge ones like this 20h fella ….

Horse in a ring

Some that were dressed up…

Washing horses

And some being washed down.

Some pig!

There were happy pigs

Even more babies!

Baby pigs


Fluffy sheep and

Fuzzy tail!

fluffy cows!


We watched a shorthorn show.

Driving Minis

A driving mini-horse show.

Veggie display Iroquois Village

We visited the Indian Village and admired all of their displays.

Miniature Cookstove

We visited the Ag Museum and the new woodstove display. Here is a mini salesman’s model.

Chuck wagon

We admired the array of castiron, old tools, and tack at the chuckwagon display.

Cool Farmall Tractor (to be raffled off)

We saw lots of tractors and

Butter Sculpture

lots and lots and lots of butter!

Pride of NY buys

The Fair made some changes this year. The Pride of NY Store was excellent even though our region was not represented. I may have left with some Tomato-Basil jam and Blackberry merlot jelly. There was a Farmer’s Market with produce for sale, 2 restaurants dedicated to selling meals comprised of NY State foods, Saranac was there sharing samples, the Cornell Solar House and a large display on alternate energy. We did not visit all of the buildings or see all of the displays but I did see a lot of people walking around with ShamWOW! cloths. :) The wine tent changed a bit, some buildings have been added or spruced up. The beer is cold and if you look hard enough, cheap, and the midway is still loud. Many options for fried foods exist (though Gary opted for a burger and I got a tomato-onion-lettuce sammich). I was disappointed in the Poultry barn – I have never seen it so empty. So many breeds not represented, only 10 bantams or so, and only 2 kinds of guineas. Only one breed of turkey (Bourbon Red) and barely any geese. But the crowds of people! I have never been there when it has been so crowded (up 15 THOUSAND in attendance since the same day last year).

Short Horn

I love the Fair. If you haven’t been yet this year, I highly recommend you should go! Now!

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  1. Ned said

    Mo, Great pics !! Thanks.

    Hey my uncle from Sandy Creek brought 5 of his John Deere tractors down to the fair. 330, 430, 530, 630 730 .

    Roland Janacek is his name. Did you happen to see his “green iron” ??


  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that I’ve been reading your blog ever since you did the diary for Farm and Ranch Magazine. I enjoyed it so much I went to there website and clicked on your link.

    I would love to see the horse that is 20 hands high. That must have been a sight. The pigs chowing down on dinner were cute.

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