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Too Many Turkey Pictures

Scurfy and soldier

If you are like my husband, you might think this blog has too many turkey pictures, even for this time of year.

muscovy in a puddle

So I give you ducks!

Rooster Crowing!

And a crowing rooster!

mama with chicks

Baby chicks were born this week.


I cleaned out the freezers this weekend to prep for all the beef we are picking up in a few days. We people can taste freezer burn, but to chickens, even stuffed cabbage that is 2 years old is a tasty treat.


This rooster looked up so quickly when I took pictures, his wattles were a-flyin!

If you read this blog and are interested in local, grassfed beef, and want to be on our mailing list, drop me an e-mail. We do a weekly delivery to Cornell of our beef, pork and eggs.

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