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Twas day one of the new year


Twas day one of the new year
And all through the farm
The snow covered everything
With all of its charm

Chickens in coop, not wanting to come out

The chickens gathered and took great care
That no one stepped even one foot out there

Guineas unsure about the snow

Even the guineas all snug in their coops
Stepped in the snow for one tiny loop

Turkeys come out to greet me

When from the barn there arose such a clatter
the turkeys ran out to see what was the matter
I ran to the driveway and flew like a flash
and fell on the ice right on my ash

(there was ice under that new-fallen snow
it didn’t matter I poured yesterday’s ashes below)


Afraid I was to get away
I had to drive down the driveway and get some hay
Getting down was easy, I knew I could do it
But getting up would be hard, I had to stick to it

Did not make it up driveway

Now gas it! and gun it! and use four wheel drive!
I had to get up the driveway alive!
To the top of the hill I had to go all the way
To get up there and unload all this hay!

As turkey feathers that before the wild snows fly
when they meet with an obstacle mount to the sky
so up to the barns my Ranger did flew
with its bed full of hay, and oh yeah me too!


But then in a twinkling I slid way back down
Sideways and backwards and turned right around
I hit the gas and my brake, and wheeled my truck
Managed to back in without hitting a duck

I spoke not a word, but went straight to work,
And pulled all the haybales, giving each bale a jerk.
Lugging them up the hill one by one
Walking down for the next one, on ice! What fun!


In one way I was lucky, my truck was small
the back only held 10 bales in all
the turkeys in the barn now would call me from within,
I wished they had thumbs, how much help I’d have then!


Sheep and goats in the pasture would baa on cue
If only I could get them to help too!
But soon I was done, and sat down with a whistle
pulled weeds from my coats as I was covered in thistle

Ducks in the spring

I scratched my head and took off my hat
slapped my knee, and said, “well that’s that!”
The neighbors may have heard me, words flew from my mouth
Happy New Year’s to all, Next year I’m moving down south!”

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  1. vi said

    gawd mo, i just love you
    you know that
    this cracked me up and i read it to deb (my friend in wa state….on the phone) and bernie

  2. how i wished i had a place like yours. i especially liked the chicken in the backyard pics. thanks for sharing them.

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