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Two Too Many Weasels


At the new farm, we have a garage where we store a lot of odds and ends. Yes, one man’s treasure is another man’s junk, I know. This is all treasure, trust me. Well except for one occupant. Cna you see him?


There he is, little stinker. The very first year I kept chickens they were all killed by a weasel one day while I was at work. Tell tale marks include a puncture wound at the base of the neck. They can make quick work of a bird, and are ruthless and just evil. Pure evil.

I saw him where I will keep chickens soon. Then this past weekend, I spotted a weasel where the chickens live now. He was carrying what looked like rabbit parts. I chased him! I had my big boots on and was quite ready to stomp him. Too bad I lost him under a log.
Weasels are the bane of any chicken owner. There are rat traps, Havahart traps, poisons and guns. None of these are very successful against the weasel. A year or 2 ago, Gary got lucky with .410 birdshot when I had a white morph weasel in the barn. But that is the exception.
Seeing the weasel carry the food away (it probably found rabbits under the coops) makes me think there are young to feed. There are plenty of rabbits around here, but chicken is everyone’s favorite food. And worse, when we move, the little buggers will be waiting for us there too. Darn it.

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  1. Oh my. I know they’re bad, but they’re so cute. I’ve never seen a weasel before. We don’t have them around here!

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