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Bringing home the bacon

Too scared

Now that the pig pasture is mowed, it’s time to get some pigs! This year we have four, and they are all girls or gilts. (They become sows after having a litter and male pigs are always called boars.)

Stepping out

One brave girl is the first to step out.

Come on - it's nice out here!

After eating some rocks (pigs love to chew on rocks!) she convinces her buddies to come out.

All out

Soon they are all out!

Discovering the feed trough

They quickly discover the feed trough. We feed them pig mash mixed with water to ensure they get all the correct nutrients. They will also get food destined for compost, chicken and duck eggs, and all the grass and weeds (and rocks) they care to eat.

Pig Exploring Outside

They may be sticking close to their shed for now, but soon they will be roaming all over the pasture. Stay tuned!

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