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Garden neighbors

RWBB nest

The new farm has a huge redwing blackbird population. The highest concentration is around the pond. They nest in the cattails as you can see here.

RWBB nest by garden

Some how, when we marked out and tilled the garden, we managed to miss this RWBB nest. It is less than a foot away from the garden bed. It took me a while to find it, but the angry RWBB mama who kept screeching at me whenever I was in the area clued me in.

RWBB babies in the nest

Not too long after I shot the picture of the eggs, they hatched. The babies are fuzzy orange and gray… and silent, unlike their parents.

Red wing black bird chick

Then just this week, I managed to be working in the garden the day they fledged. Took about 2 weeks since the last picture. Isn’t he a cutie but such a fierce expression!

So watch yourselves as you mow – or even walk through – the very high grasses! There may be a nest or two in your path!

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