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Books for sale!

I have some books for sale! Shipping would be worked out with you depending on how many you buy. Feel free to make an offer if you do not agree with my prices.
All are in great condition, some like new.

This book is $3

milk goats

$5 each:


meat goats

small scale pig raising

$7 each:

pastured poultry profits

5 acres

small farm profits

barnyard backyard


Just Added!

Garden Keeper Journal. It comes in its own zippered case. It has information for Zones 5-6 but many of the sections are generic.

It has several sections:
Plot Keeper with graph paper for sketching out your plantings;
Plant Info (zones 5-6);
Task Keeper with schedules (zones 5-6), schedules (your own), To do lists and calendar (your own);
Plant Keeper with slots and pockets for plant markers, seed packets etc. (your own);
Notes (your own);
Resources (your own);
Gardening basics (your own);
Notepad (your own);
Record Keeper and Plant Keeper refills (your own);

It is contained in a nylon container with lots of inside pockets. Inside it is a 3 ring notebook with all the sections above. Never used. Anyone interested? I would sell this to you for $25/BO plus shipping of your choice.

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  1. I thought I received an e-mail about the “Encyclopedia of Country LIving” but I can’t find it now. If you sent me one, please send it again! Thanks!

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