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We raise laying chickens, meat chickens, ducks and turkeys.


We have mostly brown eggs with the occasional green or white egg. The eggs are sized and washed for you. The chickens are free range 9 months out of the year, and in the winter are in coops to protect them from the weather. (Plus chickens hate walking in the snow, so it cuts down on the shovelling.) :) The breeds range are old heritage breeds and some mixes that have hatched out on farm. The eggs are drug- and hormone-free. And delicious.

Meat Chickens

In the warm months we will raise a few rounds of meat chickens for sale. We buy them as day old chicks and they are breeds that are known to do well on the pasture. Like our layers, they are free range and drug- and hormone-free. These are raised on demand, so if you are interested in chickens for your freezer, be sure to let us know on our Contact Page.


Muscovy ducks are the only non-mallard breed in North America. They do not quack! They are also delicious! Ducks are seasonal and in limited supply, so if you are interested in some for your freezer, be sure to let us know on our Contact Page. In the spring we also have a limited amount of eggs for sale as well as ducklings.

We have a weekly delivery for those who work or live close to Cornell University. Sales and products are listed in weekly e-mails and sold on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are interested in signing up for our e-mail list, or have questions about our beef, please see our Contact Page.

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