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Gunney arrives


Introducing Gunney! Gunney is a Great Pyrenees, a livestock guardian dog. It is the LGD’s job to live with the herd and protect his charges from coyotes, other dogs and even people! Gunney is a foster dog. He was found in Tennessee and somehow ended up in NY at Cross Creek Farm. Today we had our annual meeting of Empire State Meat Goat Producers Association and met Lisa Gerstmann-Boyle who was his then-current foster home. Lisa has a large herd of boers herself, and 3 LGD’s of her own. We are going to see if Gunney likes it here and if we like having Gunney here. He has already acquainted himself with our mama does and our yearlings, a couple chickens and turkeys, and he chased a few ducks. He likes those ducks! Murphy was giving him the hairy eyeball from his roost, and the mamas were snorting and stomping when they saw him, but he didn’t care.
Until the neighbors’ dogs barked. Then he let loose with a few deep barks of his own.
He is quite active and it was dark when we all got home to settle down for the night. He made a bed for himself in the hay and went to sleep. He seems like a good dog.

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